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An Appeal For Donations

On behalf of the Trustees I am making an appeal for donations to the Foundation we have set up in Bruce’s name.
Bruce’s passion was to help coaches, at all levels, it was a passion that he put into practice, and many coaches in the UK and other parts of the world can all recall and relate to the way he helped them – whether it was a school teacher helping their pupils, or a club coach trying to enhance their knowledge that they could pass on to their athletes, or just sitting down and ‘shooting the breeze’ with international coaches, that would increase his own knowledge to implement with his own athletes, or to pass onto others.
Bruce’s philosophy was that as a coach – you never, ever stop learning.
The Foundation has been established to continue with his passion of helping coaches from any country that has little, or no, coaching development, or just those who need help and advice.
Throughout his life, Bruce coached almost all the track and field event groups at some stage the event group that always remained his main passion was Hurdles.
The major objective of the The Foundation will be to support the development of ‘Hurdles’ at all levels, from assisting with the supply of equipment, helping athletes interested in hurdling being linked with a suitable coach if they do not have one, to helping current hurdles coaches, and their athletes to develop further.
The Trustees of the Foundation are keen to start it’s work as soon as possible, but we need funds to do that; PLEASE SUPPORT US.
You can do this in one of two way, either click on the “Donate Now” button below and use the Paypal option
or by sending a cheque , made payable to the Bruce Longden Coaching Foundation to:
David Rice, Secretary
The Bruce Longden Coaching Foundation
41 Valeside, Hertford SG14 2AS
Great Britain
Telephone: (+44) 01992 558957
Please support us in keeping Bruce’s passion alive
Thank you

Julie Longden