BLCF Hurdles Fest


Supported by England Athletics and Chelmsford Sports and
Athletics Centre

We are delighted to announce that the 2024 BLCF Hurdles Fest will be held on Saturday 25 May at Chelmsford Sports and Athletics Centre. This is two days earlier than planned, to enable athletes to participate at the event to gain qualifying times before selection meetings are held.

We are happy to announce the additional inclusion of U15 Boys and Girls sprint hurdles this year. This year it will be limited to 16 entries for each, and only one race.

The events and age groups will be:

  • 400m Hurdles – Men – Senior & U23, U20, U18, U17
  • 400m Hurdles – Women – Senior & U23, U20, U18
  • 300m Hurdles – Women – U17
  • 110m Hurdles – Men – Senior & U23, U20, U18
  • 100m Hurdles – Men – U17
  • 100m Hurdles – Women – Senior & U23, U20, U18
  • 80m Hurdles – Women U17
  • 80m Hurdles – Boys – U15 (limited to 16 entries total)
  • 75m Hurdles – Girls – U15 (limited to 16 entries total)

Please note that all Seniors & U23s will run together, there will not be separate age group races.

All sprint hurdlers will get two races (except for U15 boys and girls), the second race seeded from the first race on the day.

Prize Monies & Prizes

Prize money will be awarded to the top 3 times in the following events:

  • Seniors & U23 – Men – 400m Hurdles and 110m Hurdles
  • Seniors & U23 – Women – 400m Hurdles and 100m Hurdles

Further details of other prize monies and prizes will be announced later.

Make sure you do not miss out on this ideal opportunity to run your qualifying times for
all the various Championships in 2024.