Memories of Bruce Longden whilst teaching at Romford County Technical School


Mr Longden was the PE (and geography) teacher when I was at RCTS.  He was easily my favourite teacher there.

Once, we had kicked our ball out of the playground and over a neighbouring garden fence. I asked Albert the caretaker if he had a spare one.  He said to me you’re one of Mr Longden’s favourites aren’t you?”  I said “maybe”.  He said, “then I haven’t”.

Obviously Bruce had been a bit too demanding about the running track marking or something similar.  No surprise there.  I laugh now and feel very proud that I was thought of as a favourite of his.  I was no great athlete, just a reasonable distance runner, but he imbued a love of sport (and geography) in me that I still have today.

Bruce was a great teacher and I welled up when he went. I was about twelve or thirteen at the time.

Best regards
Ian Smith
(Age 71)